• On the bottom left of the main screen, you can see the config button
  • Press the config button to get to the main configuration options

There are some Android settings you would need to modify/verify. Follow the instructions here first before continuing.

The main screen has three panels. You can choose to have any of them enabled and disabled. This is done using the 'Display' Settings in the General Configuration.

The three panels are 

  1. The Text Panel. Here you can type the text and press the speaker button   to speak the text and the delete button  to delete the text. The keyboard button  brings up the keyboard if it is not visible (if keyboard is visible, it hides the keyboard) 
  2. The static images panel. This panel contains a set of images which remain in view while the dynamic panel can have images and groups of images.
  3. The dynamic panel with groups of images.



Important: There are some Android Settings that need to be updated. Please follow this link and do the settings changes.

Main Menu

The Main Menu is shown in the picture. It contains the following options

Create New Configuration

This option is used for creating a new configuration. A text box is popped up. Type a name to create a new configuration with that name.

Manage Configurations

This option is used to manage the multiple configurations that are present in the tablet. Use this to switch between configurations or delete an existing configuration. Read More

General Configuration

This is to set the configurations such as number of images per screen or speech production related configuration. Read More

Configure Images

Use this option to configure the images. Use this to add/delete/copy images or groups of images. Read More

Configure Static Images

This is same as Configure images except that it is for the images displayed in the static images part of the screen

Sync with PC

Use this option to sync with Playtalk Configurator running on a PC on the same Wi-Fi network