Configure Images

Here you can add new images, or move the images around in the tablet. (This can also be done using the PC based Playtalk Configurator software.)

We will discuss

  1. Controls for managing images
  2. Drag and Drop images to reorder the sequence in which they are displayed on screen
  3. Options related to an image that can be modified.



All operations require two basic operations

  1. Select an image by tapping on it. It will get a yellow outline. (See the image)
  2. If an image is a group, to open the contents of a group, double tap it.

At the bottom you can see four buttons

Edit: You can select an image by tapping on the image. This button will become active. Press this button to edit the attributes of the image.

Add Group: Use this option to add a group in the current group.

Add Image: Use this option to add an image in the current group.

Hide/Show: Use this option if you want to temporarily hide an image instead of deleting it.

On the top right you will see two options

Move/Copy: Use this to cop/move image/group from one place to another

Delete: This is the trash icon on the top right. After selecting an image, use this to delete it.


Drag and Drop - reordering


Reorder the images by dragging and dropping images. To start the drag operation, tap on an image and keep it pressed till the outline of the image changes to red. Now you can drag it to any location as shown in the image below. You can see that a replica of the image is being placed between the second and third images. This will move the second image as the first one and the dragged image as the second one.








Note that the drop will be successful only if you drop the image at the highlighted (grey bar) area between images. The result is shown in second image above.



Image Configuration


Text: The text that has to be spoken

Audio: 'Speak text' is the default where the text is converted to speech and spoken. In case you want to provide a recording, you can choose 'Audio Clip'. You have the option of selecting an audio file or recording using the tablet's microphone.

Display only text: Useful in situations where you do not want an image, but the text itself to be displayed in large font.

Change: Use this button to change the image. You will get option to select an image already in the tablet or a click a picture.