General Configuration

The General Configuration is used for modifying the Display and Speech Settings.




The configurable options in this section are given below

Pictures per screen

This is the number of pictures to be shown in a screen. The values allowed are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8. In some cases (such as when static images are also dispayed - see 'Show Static Images' below), the app may reduce the number of images shown for best viewing - based on the size of the tablet display.

Show Text

Enable this if you want to see the text of the image to be shown below the image.

Show Static Images

If this is enabled, the main panel will have a panel which shows some images which are always present. This is good for often repeated sentence parts such as 'I', 'want' etc. 

Display Mode

There are four modes 

  1. Text and Image - where text and image segments are shown
  2. Images only - where the text box is not present
  3. Text only - For text typing and speaking
  4. Auto mode - A special mode. More information will  be added.

Auto Mode Timeout

This is associated with the 'Auto Mode' above.


This will show a simple selection animation if enabled.



The configurable options in this section are given below


Adjust the speed of the speech


Adjust the pitch of the speech

Speak Picture

This is useful when text and images option is selected (See 'Display Mode' above). This will speak the picture when it is tapped in addition to adding to text box. If disabled, the speak button on the text box has to be used to produce the sound.